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Did you find one? If so, please do NOT post a comment below to the effect of “I found this for you”, as this is against our Terms of Service. Instead, please use the Edit Submission button to the right of the comment box, and remove this notice. A: You did not do much to follow the instructions given in the answer you used in your question, so I don’t see why you expect an upvote on your question. Going by the explanation given in that answer, if your question is marked as unanswered and has a count of zero it means no one has seen it. You can upvote it to encourage an answer. If you want your question to get more attention you can try to edit the question so that it suits the rules more. For example, adding screenshots or notifying the mods with a flag. A: You should do the same thing in the Comments: @SomeBody : Thank you. There is an issue with my account and I can’t comment so I post a question. That doesn’t mean the question needs to be edited for that to happen. The Wuhan coronavirus pandemic has turned into a major disaster. It started as a deadly outbreak of a deadly virus and is gradually turning into a major global health crisis. The current situation regarding the virus is much more serious compared to what we have seen in the past, which is why the condition of the virus right now is much more serious than it was previously, allowing for more accurate predictions. Moreover, there is no doubt that the world’s most deadly coronavirus has already infected some 80,000 people and killed over 2,700 others. While many people tend to use the terms “wet markets” and “wild animals”, there is another possibility that many may not have considered: did the Wuhan coronavirus start somewhere else? Was it spread naturally? Or was it man-made? According to Dr. Gene Sawicki, a virologist who went to Wuhan in January 2020 to check out the situation for himself, it was actually not a good idea to look for the source of the virus during the very beginning. Though it was considered one of the most “deadly” viruses out there, the symptoms of the coronavirus were not very serious. That’s because the coronavirus can infect the upper respiratory tract (U.R.T.) and cause flu 37a470d65a

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