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A: The problem is that if you push up to PyPI it’ll build on all of the branches. That’s fine. But it also builds any new commits and that results in those new commits being a new branch. In the case of the first two commits: the previous commit isn’t merged so it shows a branch marker in the commit messages on the second commit. To fix this, do the same thing as if you did a git pull: cd /tmp git fetch –all git reset –soft origin/master git commit -m “Fixed by fetching all stuff” git push –force origin master (I’m assuming you’re in /tmp, not a different directory) j * * 3 – 1 8 * j * * 2 + 1 3 * j + 1 0 . L e t s b e a ( 1 7 ) . S u p p o s e – 2 * i + 0 * i = – 1 3 * i . S o l v e – 3 * d + 3 = s * v – i * d , 2 * v – 3 = d f o r v . 0 S u p p o s e 3 * o = 2 * k + 1 0 , o = – 3 * k – 0 * o + 5 . S o l v e – 2 * f – 4 =

Please try again later. postgresql docker and psql -c versions were lower than the latest versions from docker and postgres, respectively. That would only happen if you had created your databases after the postgres was running with a lower version of postgresql-client than what was installed with docker. So no, if you had this problem you had to use the other database client. If you restart docker, and use postgresql-client after you start postgres, the client will revert to the version of the “base image” that you used for the container. You didn’t say what you set up that container to use. So I can’t advise whether the “base image” you’re using is correct. After restarting docker isnt working. ERROR: The database server was not running when the command was initiated. make: *** [install-service-server] Error 1 Start that container again, using only the version of postgresql-client you wish to install, and it should be fine. I think I can solve the docker error you’re getting. I’ll try to answer at the same time: ERROR: The database server was not running when the command was initiated. The original container has a previous version of postgresql-client installed. You have two options. You can either remove the previous version of postgresql-client, or you can specify a database client for your containers. It is possible to use postgresql-client on the host. In my case I have an CentOS server and a docker container. To do that: Remove the previous version of postgresql-client (In my case i had 9.6.1 installed and postgresql-client 9.5.4). To do that: On the host machine, remove the executables for the previous version of postgresql-client: rm /usr/local/pgsql9.5.4/*.so* rm /usr/local/pgsql9.5.4/bin/* rm /usr/local/pgsql9.5.4/share/* On the docker container, remove postgresql-client: rm -rf /var/lib/postgresql/9.6.1/ /var/lib/postgresql/pgsql9.6.1/ /var/lib/postgresql/ 37a470d65a

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