Your script should be like this: $data = file_get_contents($url); $decode = json_decode($data, true); Q: Put the user’s profile photo in the modal dialog box I want to place the photo of the user as a profile picture in the modal dialog box. If you open a new thread for the same question then you can send the photo in that. I don’t want to require the user to upload his image in the dialog box to reply to the question. A: This is an overly-complicated solution for a simple action, but here you go. The idea is to get the poster ID from the AJAX call to the new question page and then use that ID in a query to get the original poster’s photo back. It’ll be as simple as an AJAX GET request to get the photo, and then just a couple of lines of JavaScript to load the photo into the modal. function ajax_get_user_photo_for_poster_id(poster_id) { $.ajax({ url: ” + poster_id + ‘/photo?site=stackoverflow’, headers: {‘Authorization’: ‘Bearer’+ $(“meta[name=’api-key’]”).attr(‘content’)}, type: ‘GET’, success: function(data) { var photo = data.items[0].url; var poster_id = data.items[0].userId; $(‘#photo-for-‘ + poster_id).attr(‘src’, photo); }, error: function() { $(‘#photo-for-‘ + poster_id).attr(‘src’, ”); } }); } p edge 30 29 e 1 13 e 1

CSI.Oscuras.Intenciones[3CDs][Spanish][byNeobeat][www.elmejo · Distributor- Solucionador de Hermanos · CSI.Oscuras.Intenciones[3CDs][Spanish][byNeobeat][www.elmejo ·This invention relates to a system for dispensing a metallic foil strip from a storage container, and more particularly to a system for dispensing a metallic foil strip which is either partially or fully rolled and which is stored in the form of a coil of strip. The present invention is an improvement on the dispensing system of the prior art U.S. Pat. No. 4,475,851, issued Oct. 9, 1984, to the present inventor. This patent describes a method of dispensing a foil strip from a storage container or magazine by pushing the magazine forward and past a stripper blade or other stripping member. The strip which has been taken from the magazine is then cut into a desired length which is determined by a knife blade. A drum mechanism then takes up the cut strip and winds it on a take-up reel. In the prior art apparatus, the stripper blade was rigidly fixed. In practice it was found that the stripper blade could be bent or otherwise deformed, such that in some cases the strip has not been completely stripped from the magazine when it was cut.Sydney FC Head Coach Graham Arnold says he is delighted with the progress of young Socceroo Alex Gersbach as he continues his rehabilitation from a hamstring injury. Sydney FC’s Greek U23 international Alex Gersbach is continuing his rehabilitation in a Sydney-based physio clinic after suffering a serious hamstring tear. The 20-year-old was injured during training in the lead-up to Sydney’s Hyundai A-League Grand Final double header against Melbourne Victory at ANZ Stadium on Sunday, and has been advised by doctors to refrain from any football-related training for at least three months. Graham Arnold says the club will continue to closely monitor Gersbach’s recovery before making a final decision on his participation in the upcoming U20 and U23 Asian Championships. “The boys and myself are really happy with the way he is progressing. It’s a wonderful come-back by Alex,” said Arnold. “We had a bit of a scare 1cdb36666d

A: It happens because your $str is an array but you use it as if it’s a scalar value. Usually array dereferencing returns a reference to the first element of the array while using it like a normal scalar leads to a warning. Since you’re not sure of the line that causes the warning, you can easily use a regex to find where it comes from $str =~ /CSI\.Oscuras\.Intenciones\[\d\](.*?)\[\d\]/; This is actually bad practice and you should correct your regex using /CSI\.Oscuras\.Intenciones\[\d\]\/(.*?)\[\d\]/ to distinguish between arrays and scalars. Q: Tkinter button binding, access multiple widgets I’ve created an interface with two Entry widgets and two buttons, that (on_button_click_1) prints text in Entry. I want to bind the buttons to the widgets so that when I click button 1 it prints to Entry1, and when I click button 2 it prints to Entry2. But the code below doesn’t work and instead prints the message to the widgets rather than printing to the entry box. I’ve taken a few stabs at setting up a function and passing widgets to it but it doesn’t really make sense because I want to be able to change the input boxes. EDIT: The on_button_click_1 is a function that looks at the state of each entry in order to update the text. I’ve done the same with buttons and it works as expected. I have two issues. The text appears in the text boxes instead of in the Entry widgets. When I try to bind the Buttons to individual widgets, they print to each entry instead of to the respective entry boxes. I think I’m close to my solution but getting stuck when my code tries to print. from Tkinter import * def on_button_click_1(event): print(“CLICKED”) def on_button_click_2(event): print(“CLICKED”) def on_button_1_click(event): print(“BUTTON1 CLICKED”) def on_button_2_click(event): print(“


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